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The Player Characters of the First Campaign:
Daidoji Henshu, Courtier and Chancellor to three generations of Crane daimyo
Bayushi Tsujite, Who rebuilt his house from ruin and shadow to the pre-eminent Scorpion household of Ryoko Owari
Ide Emishiko, Assassin, Traitor, and Oracle 
Isawa Shinzui, Honourable shugenja from the Phoenix, beset by the troubles and intrigues of the City of Lies.
Mirumoto Fai Suk, Magistrate of the Dragon Clan, doomed by honour to wear the Mask of the Oni
Kuni Abashita, last of the witch-hunters, bane of the Shadowlands

and one who survived to win back honour and family
Kakita Bayishamon, The Nameless Crane

The Player Characters of the Second Campaign
Bayushi Fakuro, Gunso
Bayushi Kimi
Bayushi Masaru
Soshi Hachinden
Bayushi Haruko
Yogo Eto
The family of Bayushi Suko The Samurai of Shiro no Mori Amimono
The family of Bayushi Toshiro Other Characters
The family of Yogo Mekumu
The family of Daidoji Dajan
The family of Ide Kanjin
The family of Matsu Jitae
The family of Hida Tsu
The family of Yasuki Takiji
The family of Shinjo Yoshioko
The family of Suzume Idatego
Imperial Officials, Courtiers, and other Persons