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    I've had a lot of NPCs. Most of 'em have gotten themselves killed over the years. Anyone in italics is especially important. The Died date after those who have passed on is in two parts - the first is the year, the second is the Hantei who ruled. Thus, someone who died in 37/38 died in the 37th Year of the 38th Hantei.

The Family of Bayushi Suko
Bayushi Suko: A noble Scorpion lord, Suko's loyalty to the Bayushi house was unquestioned. Ruler of many great estates, he was destined to become lord of Tochi province before his untimely death in a battle with the Lion. Died 37/38
Bayushi Isakamiko: Suko's wife, called Bayushi Isawa by many due to her origins in the Phoenix clan. A shugenja of vast power, Isakamiko seemed to marry beneath her station when she agreed to wed Suko. Some whisper that Suko's rise in power was partly due to his wife. Isakamiko was Tainted when she destroyed an Oni in the Incursion. She was killed by Matsu Jitae during her daughter's wedding to Tsujite, but rose up as an Undead and was killed again by Jitae in the Shadowlands. Died 34/38.
Bayushi Sugai:Suko's son, and Tsujite's rival. His hand was crippled during the Topaz Championship, but Sugai won the favour of Bayushi Kachiko and was rewarded with the Obsidian Hand. He rose to command the Bayushi House Guard during the Coup, and was slain at Otosan Uchi while taking the Emperor's Palace. Died 40/38
Bayushi Isamiko: Suko's daughter. She married Bayushi Tsuyite to end the feud between the two houses, and gave birth to a son the next year.
Bayushi Sugato: Suko's younger son. He ruled the House briefly, but was killed during the shortlived attacks on the Scorpion during the Coup. His death was blamed on Lion assassins. Died 40/38.
Bayushi Hotai:Weapons Master of the House, Hotai was one of the greatest fighters in the Empire. He won much glory for his near-suicidal charging of the Lion army following his brother's death. Hotai was married to a minor noblewoman. He died in a brush fire. Died 40/38.
Bayushi Hotasu: Hotai's eldest son. Hotasu was trained by Kakita Bayishamon to be the House Duellist following Sugai's maiming. Hotasu defected to the Crane during the Siege of Otosan Uchi. Died 1/49
Bayushi Hogama: Twin brother of Hirimiko, now ruler of the house.
Bayushi Hirimiko: Twin sister of Hogama. The twins are only twelve years old.
Shosuro Hyobu: Governess of Ryoko Owari for many years, Hyobu's iron devotion to her beloved city was second to none. She was killed by Unicorn during the chaotic days soon after the coup. Died 1/39.
Shosuro Jocho: Hyobu's enigmatic son. His back was broken just after he slew the leader of the Kenku Cult. Died 2/39

The Family of Bayushi Toshiro
Bayushi Toshiro: Daimyo of the Toshiro family, he was driven mad during his family's hiding in the Summer House. He was deposed by his son, but later reclaimed his place. He has since been deposed once more, but conflicting reports about his death abound.
His wife: Her name and face have been lost. She haunts the Summer House like a white shadow.
Bayushi Toshiyama: Weapons Master of the House. Vanished for many years, then returned only to die in mysterious circumstances. Died 33/38.
Bayushi Tsuyite: Lord of Tochi province.
Bayushi Chimizu: Second Weapons Master of the House.

The Family of Yogo Mekumu
Yogo Mekumu: Elderly daimyo of the House, Mekumu was taken prisoner by his own samurai after they were corrupted. Died 37/38.
Yogo Gotoki: Bloodspeaker and servant of Yajinden. Faked his own death to pursue his goals freely. Died 37/38.

The Family of Daidoji Dajan:
Daidoji Dajan: Respected daimyo of the family. His health failed him during the Shadowlands Incursion. Died 32/38.
Daidoji Omatao: Head of the Adamant Guard, Omatao was slain by a ninja assassin soon after becoming daimyo. Died 37/38.
Daidoji Omasu: Younger brother of Omatao, Omasu married the beautiful Ide Emishiko. Soon afterwards, he took posession of a small keep, a keep which has since vanished in the woods. Died 2/39
Daidoji Okaido: Commander of the northern provinces of the House, Okaido was chosen as heir over Omasu.
Daidoji Henshu: Courtier and Hatamoto to the House.
Asahina Tomai: Bloodspeaker traitor. Died 37/38.
Daidoji Ukami: Commander in the Adamant Guard

The Family of Ide Kanjin
Ide Kanjin: A fat merchant at heart, Kanjin's fortunes were ruined when a ninja assassin wounded him, leaving his house open to economic attack by Henshu. He succumbed to his wounds after many months. Died40/38.
Grandmother: Elderly matriarch of the House. Grandmother died in her sleep. No, she wasn't a Kolat. Ever. :-) Died 33/38. Returned as a ghost.
Ide (Daidoji) Emishiko: Ninja assassin, later Oracle of Water.

The Family of Shinjo Yoshioko:
Shinjo Yoshioko: Ordered to take the city of Ryoko Owari, Yoshioko's ambitions were ruined when she fell prey to an assassin's blade. Died 37/38.
Shinjo Kyo: Younger son of Yoshioko, Kyo has yet to distinguish himself.

The Family of Matsu Jitae
Matsu Jitae: A skilled general, Jitae held the Lion's outpost in the Scorpion territory for 13 years. He was killed in the Shadowlands by Isakamiko. Died 34/38.
Matsu Shojuro: Jitae's son, he died in a duel with Bayishamon. Died 31/38.
Matsu Shien: Jitae's daughter, she was denied the title of Daimyo by Jitae's spirit. Following the ruination of her House, she became a Deathseeker. She later became an unofficial magistrate in Ryoko Owari, and has taken the Magistrate's House there. Died 2/39
Matsu Haramono: Jitae's cousin. An ambitious commander, he allied with Shinjo Yoshiko - and died in the same way she did. Died 37/38.
Kitsu Ujiki: A powerful and mysterious shugenja, Ujiki had unfathomed links to the Bloodspeaker. He orchestrated much of the war against Yajinden. He was assassinated. Died 36/38.
Matsu Oyo: Jitae's hatamoto, and commander of the 39 Ronin.

The Family of Hida Tsu
Hida Tsu: Commander of the Crab's northern border, Tsu feared he would never test himself against the Shadowlands. He died holding the walls of his castle during the Shadowlands Incursion. Died 32/38.
Hida Bakanu: He married Yasuji Takiji's grand-daughter. Under Kuni Yori's command, he attacked the Phoenix Watchtower, striking the first blow against the Empire.

The Family of Yasuki Takiji
Yasuki Takiji: A Crab who dabbled in opium trading, and lost everything as a result. He was killed along with most of his family in the Incursion. Died 32/38.
Kuni Abashimori: House Shugenja of Takiji. Died 32/38.

The Family of Suzume Idatego:
Suzume (Bayushi) Idatego: He hid the first Scroll for many years.

Imperial Officials, Courtiers, and other Persons
Otomo Yasho: An obnoxious yet important Imperial Courtier.
Kakita Pukabishi: The "Staring Crane", a famed Kakita Magistrate. Died 39/38.
Mirumoto Fai Suk: Magistrate of Ryoko Owari.
Kakita Bayishamon: Master Duellist.
Kuni Abashita: Last Witch Hunter.
Kuni Kuul: Captain of Kuni Abashita's followers.

Shiro no Amimono Mori
Bayushi Yorinaga: Commander of Shiro No Mori Amimono, chief warlord of Kawayo province
Bayushi Ryoi: an ambitious young general.
Bayushi Hamanari, Ryoi’s rival in Yorinaga's court Died 1/39
Shosuro Tanari:  a quiet young gentleman samurai, courteous and polite. Died 1/39
Shosuro Yashiko: a beautiful courtier
Yogo Tenkazu: Shugenja of the castle, Tenkazu's devotion to the Tao and the proper worship of the kami is well known. Died 2/39
Hida Nakano: A noble-born Crab samurai sent to aid in the war. Died 1/39
Bayushi Ichiro: Chui Ichiro commands the PC's unit. Ichiro was one of the six samurai of the original Kawayo Thunder Legion to survive the attack on Otosan Uchi. Following this disaster, the Kawayo Thunders have been rebuilding, but much of the honour and prestige of the Legion is gone.
Bayushi Igako: A scout and castle guard, Igako seems to know everything that transpires within the keep.
Shosuro Gemmei: Another survivor of the Kawayo Thunder Legion, Gemmei is a gunso under Ichiro’s command.
Michiko: A Wasp archer sent to the keep by the Three Man Alliance.

Kuni Abashimori: A strange iron-masked sorcerer of unknown origin and intent. Died 1/29
Zatoichi: A blind swordsman and massage artist encountered on the road to Shiro no Mori Amimono.
The Dark Jester of Fu Leng: A strange demon and trickster.