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It is said that a single man can change the world. It is true.

Tsujite's grandfather led a futile attack on Matsu Castle, and lost his home and life. His father, Toshiro, wasted ten years on hopeless plots of revenge and bargains with Shadows. When Tsujite reached maturity, he became heir to a dead house. Even in his youth, Tsujite had been ruthless. He lost an eye in a fight with a Lion child, and took revenge by drowning the boy. His cunning and inner fire was noted by the most feared of the Scorpion courtiers, Bayushi Goshiu, who became Tsujite's sensei and taught the young Scorpion all the tricks and treachery he would need.

Tsujite began to restore his family's reputation. He rejected the shinobi which his father had used, and instead acted as though his House were undiminished in power or status. His reasonable attitude and loyalty to the Scorpion won him admiration among the courts, especially from Lady Shosuro Hyobo, governess of Ryoko Owari. He won the loyalty of the few remaining samurai of House Toshiro. His rise was noted by his family's rivals, the House of Suko. Tsuyite shamed Suko's son Sugai at an iaujitsu contest, smashing Sugai's hand with a bokken. While Suko was angered by his son's maiming, he admired Tsujite's skill and daring.

During the Shadowlands Incursion, Tsujite heroically led a small force of his troops into the thick of the fighting. His was the only Scorpion banner at the battle. He used this triumph as leverage, and won the hand of Suko's daughter Isamiko. When his father took one of Suko's forts in a sudden raid, Tsujite removed his father from his position as head of the family, and made a new beginning for his House.

With lands given in dowry by Suko, and a rebuilt army bolstered by ronin mercenaries, the House of Tsujite became a power once more. He made a break with the Shadow-taint that had haunted his family, and reforged his ties with the Royal House of the Bayushi. He also made preparations to retake his ancestral castle, lost by his grandfather to the Lion. He engineered a war between Suko and the Lion. While Bayushi samurai clashed with Matsu, Tsujite's assassins delivered the heads of the Lion generals in a sack. The Lion crumbled, and were defeated.

The retreating Lion forces burned and salted his land, and burnt the castle, but Tsuyite was victorious. His family was restored.

Then came the commands from the Champion, from the daimyo of daimyo. The Emperor must die. For two years, Tsujite trained his army and readied his fortifications. He was forced to restore his father to the throne, but was made chancellor of his brother-in-law's estates when Sugai left to join the elite Bayushi House Guard.  He eliminated Kenro, Sugai's uncle, making his wife heir to Suko's estates should Sugai perish.

During the Coup, Tsujite led the samurai of the House of Sugai into battle. He took the Imperial Palace, and was present when Bayushi Shoju slew the Emperor. Tsujite was with the Scorpion Royal Family when they retreated from the burning capital city.

Appearance: A dashing Scorpion courtier, although he has taken to wearing the ancestral armour of his family on occasion. He is missing an eye, but the wound is hidden behind a mask. His remaining eye misses few details, and his voice cuts through the air like a knife. Like a knife, it often carries poison.

Commentary of the GM: Tsujite has been Henshu's dark twin in some ways. While Henshu started with one of the most powerful Houses, Tsujite began with nothing, and turned his back on the easy way to power. Tsujite has defeated or betrayed the most skilled characters who stood against him, and is a true hero of the Scorpion. He has left a trail of bodies behind him though, and has caused more strife than any other character apart from (possibly) Emishiko.

Using Tsujite in your game: He's a Scorpion, he's smart, he's nasty. If you need an adversary, look no further. Tsujite's got the normal Scorpion plotting, but he's also got the desperation that comes from clawing his way back from the edge of ruin. If you replace the Lion who ruined Tsujite's family with the PCs' lord, you've an instant campaign.
    Tsujite could also make a good daimyo or contact for any Scorpion characters.

Tsuyite's Character Sheet
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