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     Born to a vassal family of the House of Dajan, Henshu was a sickly child, with little aptitude for combat or battle. Although
     he was sometimes troubled by prophetic dreams, the spirits did not speak to him, so the Way of the Shugenja was closed.
     The Daidoji have no great need for artisans, so Henshu was sent to the Doji Courtier school, to learn to be a diplomat.
     When he returned to his daimyo after his initial training, Henshu was assigned duties in the court of Daidoji Dajan. Henshu
     was unlikely to rise much further, if it were not for a quirk of fate.

     Jealous of Daidoji Dajan's wealth, a rival daimyo had despatched a pair of assassins. Henshu dreamed of dark figures
     attacking his daimyo, and was on his guard. When the assassins struck, Henshu had warned the guards, who dealt with the
     attack. As a reward, Henshu was granted a position in the elite Adamant Guard of the Daidoji. There, he became fast
     friends with Daidoji Omatao, heir to Dajan's throne and head of the Adamant Guard. With the daimyo's favour and
     Omatao's friendship, Henshu rose in the affairs of court.

     At his gempukku ceremony, he performed adequately, and was quickly made Chancellor of the court despite his relative
     youth. He took charge of the finances of the family, and aggressively pursued the mercantile interests of the Crane in Ryoko
     Owari. He also became Dajan's chief emissary to the other courts of the Province. During the dispute between the Firemen
     and the fishermen, Henshu was instrumental in solving the dispute. He also capitalised greatly on the financial disaster that
     beset the Yasuki family.

     During that dispute, though, Henshu fell afoul of maho of the worst kind. While he and Kakita Bishamon were exploring a
     ruined temple beneath Yasuki Takiji's warehouse, Henshu touched a glowing blue stone - and vanished. He awoke in the
     chambers of Asahina Tomai, the court shugenja. Tomai claimed that Henshu had fallen into a chi flow and been transported
     through the spirit realm. In fact, Henshu had become possessed by the spirit of the Bloodspeaker, Asahina Yajinden!

     Over the next few years, Henshu's fortunes rose and rose. Dajan's death during the Shadowlands Incursion was a tragedy,
     but it put Henshu's loyal friend Omatao on the throne. Henshu arranged a marriage between Ide Emishiko and Omatao's
     brother, Omasu, which brought the vast wealth of Emishiko's uncle Kanjin under Henshu's influence. By night, unbeknownst
     to himself, Henshu's body was being used by Yajinden to commit horrific acts of maho and to build a Bloodspeaker

     Henshu discovered Tomai's treachery thanks to the testimony of Isawa Shinzui, but was unwilling to condemn the court
     Shugenja as a bloodspeaker. It was only when Tomai stole the last Stone of Sin that Henshu gave credence to the tales of
     Bloodspeakers. He followed the trail to the Island on the Edge of the World, and crossed the Island on the Peasant's Road.
     There, Yajinden attempted one final time to steal Henshu's body and take control. Henshu used his own constitutional
     weakness - epilepsy - to defeat Yajinden. The light from Fai Suk's sword sent Henshu into a fit, cheating the Bloodspeaker
     of a functional body.

     Once they returned from the Island, Henshu's armies destroyed the Bloodspeaker stronghold he had built. He also arranged
     for his daimyo, Omatao, to write a will giving the throne to Daidoji Okaido instead of Omatao's brother Omasu. Omasu had
     fallen under the spell of his wife, Emishiko. The precaution of the will proved wise, as Omatao was slain by a ninja assassin
     within a few days of writing the will. The new daimyo, Okaido, had grown up with Henshu controlling the court, and did not
     dream of challenging the chancellor's authority. Henshu's control of the House was absolute.

     Years rolled by, years in which Henshu built upon the fortunes of his House. When Kanjin was severely wounded, Henshu
     took charge of the old Unicorn's affairs, and added the fortunes of Kanjin to his own wealth. He bargained with the
     Scorpion for access to Scorpion clan ports, and got the financial upper hand in that deal. By the 40th birthday of the
     Emperor, Henshu was easily the richest man in the province, and one of the richest in the nation outside of the Royal
     families. Henshu also parlayed his wealth into popularity among the people of Ryoko Owari, and was voted King of
     Generosity during the festivals.

     During the Coup, Henshu lead a Crane army to stop the Crab forces. His army was defeated, but he was able to warn the
     allied forces of a Crab attack. He is now in Otosan Uchi, at the Royal Court of Hantei the 39th.

     Appearance: Henshu is not an imposing man, more used to quiet conversation than the shouts of battle. He has a slightly
     hunched look, and has a vaguely monk-like demeanour. Some have dismissed him as being nothing more than a bureaucrat
     - but he has been trained to a high degree of mastery of the katana, and can be commanding when the need arises. He is the
     puppet-artisan whose actions are not seen except in the great shadows they cast.

    Commentary of the GM: Henshu is an utter bastard with higher purpose. He's singlemindedly crushed all
     opposition to his House, and has been practically breeding daimyos who'll obey him. He's managed to bury the
     incident with the Bloodspeakers, and now sits high in the Imperial Favour. His honour is largely just a veneer,
     though, and might crack if tested....

     Using Henshu in your game: The "evil advisor leading a good lord astray" is a classic plot. While Henshu isn't evil
     per se, he is fairly nasty in Rokugani terms. He's ambitious and ruthless in a quiet way. Having Henshu as your PCs'
     daimyo's hatamoto could be fun.
           Henshu could also serve as a patron, especially if the game involves magistrates or traders of any kind. Henshu's
     mercantile activities means he'd be willing to sponsor and fund bandit-hunting expeditions.

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