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Mirumoto Fai Suk

The Dragon, it is said, are contradictory and speak in riddles.

If Mirumoto Fai Suk is contradictory, it is because he is inconstant.If he speaks in riddles, he is likely hiding something. A Dragon Magistrate and samurai with little taste for the law, Fai Suk was a compromise candidate between the clans for Magistrate of Ryoko Owari. While he intended to bring Imperial Justice to the city, he quickly became entangled in the webs of deceit and vice that are spun in the City of Lies. He changed from being an instrument of justice to a defender of the City. The ways of Ryoko Owari became his ways.

He became friends with the ruling family of the city, especially Shosuro Jocho, head of the Thunder Guard and son of the governess. He became quite popular among the populace. He did manage to control the crime levels in the city, but strict application of Imperial Law remained a polite fiction within the Green Walls.

Fai Suk established a group of assistant magistrates to deal with lesser affairs, giving him time for greater matters. He travelled deep into the Shadowlands in an attempt to retrieve the third Stone of Sin. When that failed, he travelled to the Island on the Edge of the World, and fought Asahina Yajinden. Later, he infiltrated the Bloodspeaker Cult Yajinden had spawned in the city.

When the Bloodspeakers moved to open war with the Clans, Fai Suk was within their stronghold. He accepted the Mask of the Oni to prove his loyalty to the maho-tsukai, then managed to contain the power of the mask when the Bloodspeakers clashed with the Crane, saving hundreds of Crane lives. After the battle, he returned home to the Dragon Mountains, to seek the wisdom of the Togashi in removing the evil Mask. The Togashi could only offer him the comfort of death - the Black Wakizashi. His ancestor, Mirumoto Hojatsu, counseled Fai Suk on dealing with the Oni who lived in the Mask.

Fai Suk returned to his post as Magistrate, only to find that a new Magistrate, Kakita Pukabishi, had been appointed in his place. Pukabishi died soon afterwards in a ninja attack. Fai Suk appointed the dishonoured Matsu Shien as a new Magistrate to replace Pukabishi.

During the Coup, Fai Suk aided the Crane in harassing the Crab armies. During the battle on the Chrysanthemum Road, he let the Oni Mask take contol. Unkillable, he slew a thousand Crabs before Yogo Junzo trapped him in a Tomb of Jade. Junzo intended to control the Oni, but Fai Suk was rescued by Isawa Shinzui, and fled with her to the Phoenix lands.

Appearance: A tall samurai dressed in ornate but battered Dragon armour. He once had a magical disguise, but that is now lost. His face is lost behind a hideous white Oni Mask, and his body has thousands of small white scars - mortal wounds healed by the Mask's evil magic.

GM's commentary: Fai Suk seemed to have the cinematic action scene advantage. Things go anime when he's around. He's fought a dozen ninja at once, taken on a whole army single-handed (twice), and clung to the back of an leaping Oni half a mile above the city. He's a somewhat feckless samurai, without dedication, but he has acted with some honour when the situation demands it. The Oni Mask has added a new and much darker dimension to the character. Fai Suk knows his fate will end in either death or dishonour...

Using Mirumoto Fai Suk in your game: Before the whole Oni Mask plot, Fai Suk is perfectly usable when you need a wandering Magistrate or duellist. He could serve as a more experience Magistrate who's assigned to train the PCs if you're running a Magistrate campaign. Initially, he would appear to be a fine Magistrate, but he might encourage the characters to act in a somewhat unorthodox manner.
    After the Oni Mask plot, Fai Suk's on the road to demonhood. Hunting down a rogue samurai could make a good adventure, especially if said samurai (a) is functionally unkillable and (b) every time you do injure him, you bring the demon one step closer to total control...

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