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Born to a minor family of the Kuni, who owed fealty to a branch of the Yasuki, Abashita initially began training as a samurai. However, before his gempukku, the great Incursion of the Shadowlands brought the hordes of evil to his family's door. Shiro no Takiji burned with a lambent green flame of tainted fire, and a thousand Crab soldiers were slain by horrors beyond imagining.When the demons came to Abashita's door, though, they were welcomed. Abashita's father was a secret maho-tsukai, and servant of the Dark God.

Abashita fled his home as his father sacrificed his mother to the demons. His last sight of his father was of the older Kuni, blood dripping from his hands, bowing before the Darkness.

Abashita was taken in by a distant cousin, a Kuni witch-hunter. His determination to kill his tainted father and hatred of the Shadowlands drove Abashita onwards, and he excelled in the ways of the Hunter. He grew fast and strong, and he was inducted into the ranks of the Tsukai-Sagasu.
He was also inducted into another, secretive order. His sensei was a member of the secret organisation known as the Kolat...

During his time in Ryoko Owari, Abashita defeated several potent Oni, including the Demon of Terrible Generosity and the Demon of Fouled Dreams. He also gathered around him a small cadre of assistants and specialists. With the assistance of his followers, he struck several deep blows against the darkness. He also won the loyalty of the local Nezumi.

A letter from the eldest of the Kuni led Abashita back to where he has been trained - to discover that the Witch Hunters had been wiped out to a man. Shocked and betrayed, Abashita followed the trail of Taint to the very heart of the Kuni wastes - Shiro no Kuni. There, he confronted his daimyo, Kuni Yori.

Yori admitted that he had destroyed the Tsukai-Sagasu. He admitted entering into a pact with the darkness. Yori was unrepentant and merciless. He asked if Abashita would serve him. A shot rang out, a shot from a gaijin weapon wielded by one of Abashita's servants. Yori fell, wounded, into Abashita's arms. Abashita drove his jade wakizashi into Yori's neck, severing the fallen daimyo's head. As the other Kuni summoned the kami spirits to slay Abashita, he fled the castle - and the Crab lands.

The last of the Witch Hunters, and the only hope of cleansing the Kuni's taint, Abashita flees the Crab lands. His only allies are the mysterious Kolat...

Appearance: A tall, glowering man, a veritable mountain with a face stern as granite. Abashita is rarely without his massive no-daichi, and carried numerous jade tokens and talismans, including an inlaid wakizashi given to him by his sensei. He is normally accompanied by his entourage of a half-dozen apprentice Hunters led by Kuni Ku'ul, and a gaijin under Abashita's protection who carries a "ri-fel".

Commentary of the GM: Ah. Abashita. He's a big scary tortured-soul mofo. His player, Dave, is a laugh to play with though, and like Mirumoto Fai Suk, Abashita's got the Cinematic Fight Scene advantage. He's not deeply involved with the politics (if it wasn't for the Kolat Konnection, he'd have no part in the political stuff at all). As the Clan War progresses, and the extent of Yori's involvement becomes apparent, things will get...interesting.

Using Abashita in your game: If you need a generic Witch-Hunter, Abashita fits the bill. His fairly wild style of demon-hunting may shock and upset traditionalist characters. Abashita tends to charge into battle readily, and isn't afraid to ask impolite questions. He's got several followers, so Abashita & his entourage would be more than a match for many parties. If any of the characters are hiding taint (or accused of same), then you could send Abashita after them.
    You could also use him as a rather unusual Kolat agent. He's got the skills to perform assassinations and other Kolat wetwork.

Kuni Abashita' Character Sheet
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