The Tao of GMing, Part I: Earth and Water
wherein the Virtues related to these elements are discussed, and how a campaign may benefit from their application.

The Tao of GMing, Part II: Air and Fire
    wherein I praise the Metaplot while disregarding it in my own game, and rant about how the Lobby scene and the Day of Thunder are related, also more on the numinous virtues of the Elements as related to GMing.

The Tao of GMing, Part III: Void
wherein the nature of Void as it applies to GMing is discussed. Or not, depending on your philosopy. Either way, the pretentiousness and ludicrosity factors are off the scale here...

The Tao of GMing, Part IV: The Unexamined Game
Where I undermine everything written thus far.

Walking in the Lands of Hell - a discussion of the Shadowlands
A long and winding essay about being horrible to your friends, which wanders off into a conversation with the lovechild of the AD&D Monstrous Manual and Hagakure towards the end. Still, anything that got the response "you're sick" from two people has to be amusing to someone.

A note on Timing
Reflections on using the Challenge/Focus/Strike concept as a guide to timing events in sessions.

Gaps and Intermissions
Or why I haven't updated the site in ages.

The Ikoma Technique
Or, the longest possible way to say blog

Two Alternate Rokugans
Should probably be in resources