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Gaps And Intermissions

    Yeah, it's been a while since there have been any updates. Sue me.
    It's not like I haven't been gaming. My l5r game has been running weekly, and I've been doing other gaming stuff. I just haven't had much enthusiasm for actually writing about l5r lately. I've got two fanfics half-started, but they've both petered out. And my space bar is ****ed, which makes writing a pain.

    By now, you've probably gone "what a pathetic whiny git, I check this site for l5r stuff". So here you go:

    You lose interest in anything over time unless you take a break from it. The sole reason I've been able to keep one l5r campaign running for what, more than a year now, is because I took breaks from it. My Unknown Armies game didn't last that long, but it was a break from Rokugan. If I'd kept running the l5r campaign, I'd have had all the cool urban fantasy ideas in my head go sour and poison whatever enthusiasm I had left for samurai fantasy.

    So take a break and try a different game every so often.

    (The best advice is the bleedin' obvious advice.)