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Generic Resources

The Demon of Unutterable Hunger
a Very Hungry Oni.

The Scorpion Clan Coup
A how-to guide to killing the Emperor. Basically, a description of how Shoju planned and executed the Coup.

Reworking the Shadow
Ideas for using the Living Darkness in games, and making it suit the RPG better.

The Mask of the Oni
A horribly powerful little item of evil.

The Demon of Terrible Generosity
A very wierd little Oni.

Reworking the Kolat
An alternate take on the Ill^^Kolat, loosely based on the ISF.

Campaign Resources

The Protocols of the Genyosha
A letter which established a Kolat front in Ryoko Owari, under the guise of improving the city.

The Great Traitor
The current situation at the start of Part III of the Campaign

A Map of the Empire, post-Coup

A letter from Bayushi Yorinaga

The Tales of Bayushi Hotasu and Zatoichi

A Map of the Empire, just after the death of Kisada