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The Chrysanthemum Road Campaign

   For a thousand years, the Emerald Empire of Rokugan has been ruled from the Imperial City of Otosan Uchi. From within the enchanted walls and shining palaces, the Emperor's commands go forth to the loyal samurai of the Clans. Now, civil war and rebellion threatens the Empire. Hida Kisada, the Great Bear, rallies the Crab against the Hantei dynasty. Bayushi Shoju, the Great Traitor, sends his assassins and hidden legions to bring down the Emperor, in accordance with the ancient prophecy. It is a dark time when conquerors walk the Chrysanthemum Road.

    The Chrysanthemum Road is a site dedicated to my l5r campaign. While primarily intended as a campaign resource, the site also contains various writings and notes on aspects of l5r and gaming in general. Have a look around, and welcome to the Chrysanthemum Road.

Kitsuki Hamesu

Updates: happen when I feel like updating. The campaign's currently on hiatus for a few months, but will be continuing at some point in the next few months. The Empire's got a lot of life in it yet. In the mean time, I'll be updating my personal site at  a lot more frequently than this site. Go there, although the only l5r stuff there is dodgy fanfic. If you want good l5r content, go to or something. Sheesh.