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Year 36 of Hantei 38th, summer: After the disaster that was the previous attempt at a wedding, the ceremony was held secretly. After Jitae's death, his daughter Shien should have become daimyo. However, her uncle Haramono claimed the title. The elderly Kitsu shugenja was asked to arbitrate the dispute. He apparently summoned Matsu Jitae's spirit, and Jitae chose Haramono as daimyo. The strain was too great for the Kitsu, who died. In actually, the Bloodspeakers engineered the whole thing, using illusion-magic.

Year 36 of Hantei 38th, autumn: An Oni and an army of undead attack Ryoko Owari during the bon festival.
I ran the not-entirely-bad Night of 1000 screams adventure. It was an interesting change of pace. The finale had the Priestess of Lady Sun call back the spirits of the animated zombies. The spirits repossessed their old bodies, making it a very interesting bon festival. Fai Suk began infiltrating the Bloodspeaker cult.

Kakita Pukabishi arrives.
With Fai Suk running around doing heroic adventurer-type stuff in the Shadowlands, the Emerald Magistrates sent another Magistrate - Kakita Pukabishi, the "Staring Crane". A strict and honourable Magistrate, Pukabishi was a masterful duellist. He also had a very very big nose.

Daidoji Omatao falls ill.
Crane Daimyo no.2...

Year 37 of Hantei 38th, spring

With the defeat of Yajinden on the Island on the Edge of the World, the Bloodspeaker cult founded by the possessed Henshu was growing desperate. They had uncovered the location of a Black Scroll thanks to Yogo Gotoki. They decided to steal the scroll and use its power to free Iuchiban. The Bloodspeakers had a hidden fortress in the northern Crane lands. The "assassin" was a Ninja Shapeshifter. There was a fight inside Omatao's bedroom. When the guards entered, they found Omatao's corpse on the floor- and Omatao collapsed on the bed, bloody sword in hand. One was the Shapeshifter, the other the real Omatao... By now, Gotoki had overthrown Mekumu and taken the Yogo armies. Scorpion=bloodspeakers in this case. The PCs sent word to Yogo Junzo, daimyo of the Yogo. He sent his army to destroy the traitors. Go Uji!!! I must confess, I love epic battles.... Fear and confusion, confusion and fear. There are the daisho of the GM. The Lion/Unicorn armies swept the Scorpion before them. The characters had worked out that the Bloodspeakers were behind it all. While Shinzui and Henshu gathered the Crane forces, Fai Suk went off to the Bloodspeaker fortress. He'd gained the confidence of some 'speaker agents in Ryoko Owari, and used those contacts to get into the Fortress, which was in a small and defensible valley. "My lord Junzo, we've sort of lost our scroll. We think the bloodspeakers stole it. Any chance of borrowing your army and killing them in order to get it back?" This is why you don't go to war with the Scorpion... I have no idea why I killed Suko off. I liked him....but I suddenly found myself describing his death. His brother, Hotai, became suddenly cool. On seeing his brother's death, he took a naginata and turned a whole load of Lion into sushi. A combination of magic and fire. As the armies approached the Temple, Yogo Gotoki and Asahina Tomai were trying to open the Black Scroll. To gain time, they made Fai Suk put on the mask of the Oni, a mask created by Yajinden. The mask made the wearer unkillable. Fai Suk held the entire Crane army off single-handedly. Meanwhile, an elite group of Crane, including Henshu and Shinzui, crept into the Temple. They were attacked by Oni. Yogo Junzo teleported in, and between Junzo and the PCs, the Bloodspeakers were wiped out. However, the seal of the Black Scroll was cracked open. Junzo, the characters, and Bayushi Shoju saw a vision, a prophecy - that the Hantei would bring forth the doom of Rokugan.

Year 38 of Hantei 38th, Summer:  The Lion depart the Lands of Ryoko Owari. They abandon their fortress, and burn and salt the farmlands. 39 of the Lion swear revenge on all Scorpions.
The Lion army had been nearly wiped out in their retreat from Shiro no Suko. They were left without enough samurai to hold the land they had taken from Tsuyite's grandfather - so they retreated. Matsu Shien took responsibility for the loss, and became a Deathseeker. The 39 Lion Ronin...well, it's my take on the 47 loyal retainers & Lord Asano, and it hasn't happened yet.

Year 39 of Hantei 38th, Summer

Pukabishi was in the city to bring back the Law. No matter what. The assassins were sent by Pukabishi, who faked his own death. He'd realised that there was no legal way to reform the city, so he took a daring choice...

Year 39 of Hantei 38th, Autumn

Kuni Abashita joined the campaign... This Kenku Cult was composed of Pukabishi and his retainers. They began by raiding Opium dens. Fai Suk was unable to stop the cultists, so people got annoyed with him... The Day of Generosity, as described in the Ryoko Owari books. The Oni was the Oni of Terrible Generosity.     The key to the Kenku plot was a silo of opium seeds held in a tower by the Shosuro family. By burning the fields and destroying the tower, they'd have wiped out 90% of the Scorpion opium crop - forever.
    The finale of the session came with the Kenku leader - Pukabishi - standing atop the silo. Jocho climbed the silo and challenged Pukabishi to a duel. Tsujite grabbed a bow and shot Pukabishi twice as the two were focussing. Pukabishi died, but Jocho failed to stop the explosives planted by Pukabishi. The tower exploded...

Year 40 of Hantei 38th, Spring

The whole Gaijin thing was engineered by the Scorpion, to cause tension between the  Crane and Lion, and to kill Ishikawa (who survived). Shoju had began to plot the Coup. Don't ask. Backstage political stuff. Lion attack the Crane...

Year 40 of Hantei 38th, Summer

Just one of those accidents which happened after Tsuyite became his rival's Chancellor. Just foreshadowing...

Year 40 of Hantei 39th, Autumn

Hoo boy. BIIIG session. Much stuff happened, too much to go into in any detail. A whole load of people died, including Kuni Yori. The Coup was a disaster for both sides. Otosan Uchi was sacked by the retreating Scorpion. The Emperor was slain, but his heir survived. Emishiko split into the Oracle of Water and her Shadow. Shinzui and Fai Suk stole the Black Scroll Junzo had taken from the Idetego family and fled to the Phoenix Lands.

The Phoenix shugenja in the watchtower had been plotting "negative chi flows" from the Shadowlands - essentially drawing a map pinpointing the rough locations of eleven of the twelve scrolls. Junzo and Yori both stole copies from the tower before Yori nuked it. Yori later got killed by Abashita in revenge for wiping out the rest of the Witchhunters. To quote Yori - "I have made bargains with the ancestral enemies of our Clan, but I shall be their master in the end. Join me or die."


The Chrysanthemum Road. It's been fun so far.